Bariatrics is defined in the New World dictionary as:
"a branch of medicine specializing in the treatment of obesity."

W3Schools.comThe Bariatric Medicine Center was started in 1967 by Dr. Robert M. Johnson. Dr. Johnson passed away in July of 2009, but it was his desire that his clinic continue to run just as it has for more than 42 years.

The Bariatric Medicine Center is a physician monitored weight-loss clinic specializing in the treatment of obesity as well as its many associated conditions. Today, as in the past, Bariatric Medicine Center continues to strive to help our patients in every way possible.

We are conveniently located on Carriage Lane, West Ashley, Charleston, SC. We have a fully trained physician and staff ready to help you get started losing those unwanted pounds and KEEP THEM OFF. We have an in-house pharmacy; therefore, you will always leave with everything you need for your weight-loss program without making any additional stops.

We offer free consultation visits. Call us or stop by TODAY TO start your journey to the “new you”.
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